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Group for people who are interested in using Libretexts for their social science classes
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  • Libretexts-SocialScience | Anthropology
    A Construction Forum for building, curating, adapting, and adopting biological *anthropology* based Libretexts content.
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  • Libretexts-SocialScience | Communications
    This Construction forum aims to support the building efforts of faculty, instructional designers, and student developers of Communication Studies contents on the Libretexts libraries.  It is a central spot for questions to the general team and to find past information.
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  • Libretexts-SocialScience | Education
    This is the construction forum for faculty and students involved in construction efforts focuses on Communications Studies. The group provides a central discussion mechanism to facilitate issues regarding the development of content regarding these issues and also enables a mechanism to disseminate the project's activities in this area including new texts and technology. This subject-focused group is complemented by the LibreNet Commons that encompass all areas for the greater project, which can be accessed (and joined) via
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